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We are using MediaWiki as our wiki engine. MediaWiki is a very powerful system that facilitates multiple ways of organizing content, such as namespaces, subpages/hierarchy, categories. We have a plan! Seriously, we have a plan! Please use this plan, so your contributions fit into the overall structure we're creating together.



All content will belong to the main namespace. That means you should not put colons (:) in the name of any wiki page.

Subpages / Hierarchy

We will only use subpages (hierarchy) minimally. So in general you should not put slashes (/) in the name of any wiki page.

The current plan is to use subpages in one of two ways:

  • When a page is translated to another language, we plan on adding a subpage with that translation. So a page translated to German would have the same name as the English version, but with a "/de" appended to the end.
  • When a page's content is different between the current version of Enkive and prior versions, the prior versions of the page will have the same name but with the version number attached. So if the 6.0 version has different content, we would append "/6.0" to the end.

Categories / Tags

We like tagging pages with categories. For example, if we added a page directed and end users and containing manual-like information, we would tag it with:

[[Category:User]] [[Category:Manual]]

Before inventing new categories, please see if you can make use of the ones that currently exist. You can see that list on Special:Categories.


We like spaces in page names and prefer unabbreviated names.

  • Good
    • Wiki Contributions
      • Note: a link to such a page would be
        [[Wiki Contributions]]
      • Note: the URL to such a page would have an underscore (_) for every space.
  • Bad
    • WikiContributions (camel case)
    • Wiki-Contributions (hyphen instead of space)
    • Wiki Contribs (abbreviation)
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