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Release Notes for Enkive 1.4.2

Important note: If you are upgrading from Enkive 1.4, which introduced the new document storage for attachments in $ENKIVE_HOME/data/docstore/, you must use the same path for $ENKIVE_HOME/data/docstore/ if upgrading to Enkive 1.4.2. This is a known bug and will be fixed in release 1.4.3. See the Install HOWTO or upgrade instructions for a way around this.

Changes since version 1.4.1:

  • Bug #40 fixed -- in which emails without a Content-Transfer-Encoding field in the header would not be archived. While most email clients include this field, a/some version(s) of the SquirrelMail client do not. Enkive now assumes 7-bit encoding if no content transfer encoding is specified.

Installation Instructions


Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Enkive

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