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='''Enkive Current Release: [[Release_1.4.1|1.4.1]]'''=
='''Enkive Current Release: [[Release_1.4.2|1.4.2]]'''=
== Enkive for Decision-Makers ==
== Enkive for Decision-Makers ==

Latest revision as of 16:52, 17 March 2015

Enkive Current Release: 1.4.2

Enkive for Decision-Makers

Enkive for Users and Archive Administrators

There are two manuals for users based on their role:

Enkive for System Administrators

Enkive for Developers

Enkive Demo Instructions

If you're looking for a little instruction on how to walk through the demo, please see our Demo Instructions.

Wiki Contributors

Please read our notes on wiki contributions, so your contributions fit into the existing organization and conventions.

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