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Currently Enkive supports two methods for receiving mail. We support live mail received from a postfix filter, and receiving mail from our import utility which reads maildir format.

Import Instructions

We currently provide a nice path to import Mail that's in Maildir format into the Enkive archive on UNIX-like systems. We plan on adding the ability to import from other formats in the near future. We hope to get contributions for other operating systems as well.

Import from MailDir format

From the extracted Enkive tar, you should be able to descend into the following directory:


You will find a Unix shell script named

You can run it with:

 sh <path-to-maildir-directory>

It requires one command-line argument that is the path to the Maildir directory. It should be a path to a directory that contains a subdirectory named Maildir. It's not the path to this very directory.

You can also supply a number of command-line options that will alter the behavior:

  • -h host : the address of the host on which Enkive is running; default is localhost
  • -p port : the port number which the Enkive Maildir importer is listening; default is 2526
  • -j jarpath : the path to the directory that contains two necessary JAR files -- enkive-util.jar and mail.jar. The default is setup/lib (using a relative path -- ../../../lib).

The script will do some basic error checking:

  • look for the expected JAR files on the jarpath
  • look for a directory named Maildir on the path to the Maildir archive
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