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Enkive Demo How to

The Enkive demo is fully loaded archive of about half a million, publicly available, Enron email messages. The purpose of this demo is two fold:

  1. to show the visitor how to retrieve messages from the archive and
  2. how to retrieve information about the use of the archive.


The first objective is achieved by clicking on the seach tab on the top menu. The system brings up: A secondary menu with

  • Recent Searches
  • Saved Searches
  • A search criteria box

The more of the criteria are entered the tighter the search and the less messages will likely to be displayed. The less criteria are entered, the looser the search and the more messages will be displayed.

The criteria available for search include:

  • Content: word or words in the body of the message of the body of the attachment
  • Sender: may be a first name and / or last name or specific email address
  • Recipient: may be a first name of last name of specific email address
  • Subject: Full or partial text
  • Earliest date: Pick a date from the calendar
  • Latest date: Pick a date from the calendar
  • Message ID: pick from a known id.

Once a list of messages have been found they will be stored as recent searches for later inquiry. The visitor has a couple of options at this time:

  1. search for a specific message by clicking on the box that interests the visitor to see more of the message content. If clicked on a specific message the visitor may export the message or print it using the browser print button or dig deeper to view the attachement (s)
  2. save the search. Click on Save the search button and go to start another search

System Administration

The demo has a couple of admin capabilities:

  1. Audit: Shows who searched the archive when
  2. Statistics: provides information about the retention of the email messages.
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