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Release Notes

IMAP search

The experimental IMAP support has been removed, and replaced with the ablity to export searches via IMAP. Any search can be tagged as being an IMAP search, and will then show up as a folder when the user connects via IMAP. IMAP searches periodically update in the background, so they are never out-of-date.

Search Update

Searches can be updated clicking on the Update button on the search results page. This will update the search for new mail that has been archived since it was last run.

Update Version Check

Enkive will periodically (by default every 2 weeks) check to see if there is a newer version. This can be configured or disabled.

TurnKey version

There is a Turnkey available with Enkive 1.4 pre-installed. It can be used for evaluation, or as a basis for a full installation. It is based on Debian 6.0 "Squeeze".

Email Processing Performance

Email processing has been optimized to achieve a 400% improvement in processing speed. This means that a higher volume of email can be archived on the same hardware, and that import performance is greatly improved.

Bugzilla bugs fixed

7, 15, 17, 19, 20

Installation Instructions


Upgrade Instructions

Upgrading Enkive

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