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Feature Description

Starting in Enkive 1.2 we have added limited, experimental support for IMAP access. This will allow you to browse emails that are stored in Enkive by connecting to it with an email client. Email messages will appear in folders arranged by year and month. The IMAP access feature was built on top of the Apache JAMES IMAP project. It has not been tested on a wide variety of clients, so performance may vary. Clients known to work well are KMail and Roundcube. We know that currently Thunderbird does not work well with the feature.

Status and Future Work

IMPORTANT: This feature is currently incomplete and experimental. It is possible for it to cause performance issues, and may have presentation problems. The layout and useage of folders is likely to change in future versions.

Working, basic support for IMAP access is planned in the 1.4.x timeframe.

IMAP Setup instructions

To enable IMAP access, only a couple of changes need to be made to a configuration file. The configuration that needs to be updated is $ENKIVE_HOME/config/imap/imap-server.conf. Change line 20 to <imapserver enabled="true"> .

  • The default port that the Enkive IMAP server listens on is 5993, to modify the port, update the <bind> configuration on line 27.
  • The Enkive IMAP server has StartTLS enabled with a default security certificate, which makes it insecure. To generate your own keystore run the command keytool -genkey -alias james -keyalg RSA -keystore /path/to/enkive/config/imap/keystore Replace the default keystore file with your newly generated keystore file and update the <secret> configuration on line 39 of imap-server.conf.

How to Connect

To connect to the Enkive IMAP server with an email client, enter the Enkive server IP address and port (default 5993) into your email client. If the settings aren't automatically detected, the protocol used is STARTTLS. Your username and password are the same that you would use to login to the Enkive web interface.

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